Testimonials for Samira Yoga Pittsburgh

“Amy provides a safe, sacred space and uses her skill and intuition to teach lovely classes designed to help you leave feeling restored and replenished.”

— K.E., Point Breeze

“I've been attending Yoga I class fairly consistently for over 5 years.  I value the fellowship, the centering and the yoga practice.”

— L. H., Point Breeze

“Amy's classes have been incredibly beneficial to my life in many ways.  Her restorative yoga techniques have helped me improve my flexibility and strength while helping me to address problem areas in my lower back and hips”

— M.V., Garfield

“My daughter cherishes the creative, private, mother-daughter sessions that Amy offers.  A great way to bond with my daughter.”

— L.H., Point Breeze

Amy's classes have helped me not only physically, but mentally, too. I feel that all aspects of my life are much more balanced since I've been practicing with Amy.  It is a time I look forward to every week.  I leave feeling inspired and energized.

— M.V., Garfield

"Amy's calm voice, patience and gentle guidance are just what I need to slow down and be more centered when the rest of life gets crazy."

— L.T., Point Breeze